Greenland's Dry Waste Collection service: promoting sustainability

Kochi, positioned in the bright kingdom of Kerala, India, is famed for and wealthy cultural heritage. However, speedy urbanisation and population booms have resulted in extended waste generation, posing environmental challenges...


Effective Ways for Solid Waste Disposal

Waste Management is a major matter of concern in our day-to-day life. Different estimates shows that, there are approximately 60 million tonnes of wastes generated in India each day...


Sustainable Waste Management can Reduce the Dificulties of Human Life, Just be with Green Land

We all observe how waste is generated in our homes and neighborhoods and how it is disposed of. The disposal of waste has been done in a haphazard manner for ages, be it in villages...


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: The Three Rs of Sustainability

Kochi is one of the largest environmentally-friendly cities in India. With a wide range of green initiatives, it has taken several steps to reduce the amount of waste generated in the city..


Different Ways to make Waste Management more Sustainable

There are simple and effective ways to start implementing sustainable waste management in homes and businesses. Here we can see few steps that will help you in generating best waste management..


Why we Need to Focus on Sustainable Waste Management Solutions?

Sustainable waste management actually relies on the waste management hierarchy, a system that is meant to focus wastes reliably.It focuses on avoidance, reduction, reuse,


What is Waste Management? – An Overview

Waste! Yah it’s a problem when not managed properly. Waste management is actually a process of waste collection, transportation, processing, waste recycling or waste disposal.